What are the 5 castes in India?

What are the 5 castes in India?

The caste system divides Hindus into four main categories – Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. Many believe that the groups originated from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation.

Who is upper caste in India?

Upper caste A caste considered “higher” than a scheduled caste. For example, a newspaper report may term a Rajput as “higher” caste. However, in some regions Rajputs may themselves be considered backward relative to others. Forward Castes in the context of politics and reservation.

What is caste of Reddy?

Reddy (also transliterated as Raddi, Reddi, Reddiar, Reddappa, Reddy) is a caste that originated in India, predominantly settled in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. They are classified as a forward caste. The origin of the Reddy has been linked to the Rashtrakutas, although opinions vary.

Which is upper caste?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Upper caste may be a relative or an absolute term. It may refer to: A caste other than a scheduled caste. Ritual status in the Varna system, generally referring to the twice-born (dvija) varnas.

Which caste is higher in Kerala?

The Nambudhri Brahmins were top of the caste hierarchy and the Pulayar were at the lowest. According to most travelers, the Nairs were placed below the kings and the Brahmins in Caste hierarchy.

Is muthuraja high caste?

According to the NCDHR, the “Ambalakarar caste is indubitably included in the varna system, being considered a sub caste of the Kshatriya, and have nothing in common with the Dalit community” (25 June 2013).

What is the famous of Thanjavur?

Thanjavur is an important center of South Indian religion, art, and architecture. Most of the Great Living Chola Temples, which are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, are located in and around Thanjavur. The foremost among these, the Brihadeeswara Temple, is located in the centre of the city.

What is Maravar caste?

Maravar (also known as Maravan and Marava) are a Tamil community in the state of Tamil Nadu. These people are one of the three branches of the Mukkulathor confederacy. Members of the Maravar community often use the honorific title Thevar. The Sethupathi rulers of the erstwhile Ramnad kingdom were from this community.

Is Maravar low caste?

Present status. As of 2017, the Paraiyar were a listed as a Scheduled Caste in Tamil Nadu under India’s system of affirmative action.

Which is rowdy district in Tamilnadu?

Tirunelveli district
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District formed on 1 September 1790
Headquarters Tirunelveli