the new program

The Department has just communicated his project of a new program of social and economic sciences (SES) of a second. This program redirects deeply the aims of the teaching of HER and done away with this as the basis of the project of ITS (multi-disciplinarity, reflection based on the complementary approach in the social sciences the facts of society).

On the one hand the thematic sociological are relegated to the rank of options. The program includes twelve themes, ten of which are mandatory, and you can easily imagine that the themes the more sociological part of the last two topics are optional …

On the other hand disappear in this new program concepts that make sense to the students : family, employment, which are themes that speak to them and make sense given their experiences.

Under the guise of this reform, it is a monolithic design and hierarchical science that is promoted : the economy mathématisée the all-power ! which becomes the reference, yet it masks the problems of our contemporary society.

“Deletion of questions on employment and unemployment, investment, income and inequality, or on the transformations of the family in favour of questions on the savings, price-fixing (including the price of balance) in a perspective that is positivistic and monolithic economy. “(The communiqué of the APSES)

This reform promotes a comprehensive transformation of the mind of HIS against pedagogical considerations and citizens. In any case, in our case, we had a contest of ITS, because we are attached to the social sciences and we do not wish to see disappear sociology…

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