How does an echidna reproduce?

How does an echidna reproduce?

Echidnas are monotremes which means that they lay an egg instead of giving birth to live young. The egg remains in the female reproductive tract until it is about the size of a grape. Once the egg has been laid, it remains in the female’s pouch for a further 10 days.

How do short beaked echidnas reproduce?

Like the Platypus, the Short-beaked Echidna is an egg-laying mammal or monotreme and lays one egg at a time. The eggs hatch after about 10 days and the young, emerge blind and hairless. Clinging to hairs inside the mother’s pouch, the young echidna suckles for two or three months.

Do any birds have nipples?

Birds don’t have nipples, as they are not mammals. Although, we talk about birds’ breasts they don’t have mammary glands which mammals use to feed their young milk. Here the term breast is used to describe the pectoral muscles birds use for flight.

Did dinosaurs have nipples?

Only mammals give milk produced by mammary glands, and secreted through nipples or (in very, very primitive mammals) pores in the skin on their chests and bellies. Reptiles, including birds (which are a type of dinosaur), don’t have mammary glands, and of course they don’t have nipples.

Why do men have nipples?

The reason women live longer, it said, is because their cells are better at repairing damage in later life. Men have nipples because embryos are always female in their early stages, and males only differentiate from the female prototype after a few weeks.

What do baby dinosaurs drink?

Dinosaurs May Have Made ‘Milk’ To Feed Their Young Public domain Some birds, like flamingos and penguins, make a special substance called “crop milk” to feed their young.

Why do cats have 6 nipples?

The average number of nipple sthat cats have is six to eight. Mostly, cats have an even amount of nipples but, some have odd numbers as well. For some cats, they have four nipples while other might even have ten! This is because a cat’s nipples are developed in the womb way before the gender is even determined.

Why can I see my cats nipples?

It’s all about the nipples: One of the first and most obvious indicators of pregnancy in your cat is changes to her nipples. Around two to three weeks into pregnancy your pussycat will start showing enlarged and red/pink nipples. Morning sickness: Just like humans, cats can experience sickness during pregnancy.