How do you watch recorded shows on FiOS?

How do you watch recorded shows on FiOS?

Press the DVR button to watch a show you’ve recorded. Use the arrows to find your show under View Recordings, press OK and enjoy.

Why can’t I watch my DVR recordings Verizon?

You will be unable to stream your DVR recordings if your: Media Server is offline. Device has not been added to the Media Server. Device has been removed from the Media Server.

Can I watch my Verizon DVR recordings on my computer?

FiOS does not have the capability to watch DVR content on computer. Some say it is to keep people from dropping STBs. You can view on app on phone or tablet. But again, you can’t connect it to a tv or monitor.

How do I download my DVR recordings from FiOS?

  1. Locate your computer’s Firewire (or 1394) port.
  2. Connect the Firewire cable to the Firewire port.
  3. Connect the RCA audio/video cables to the Analog In ports on the Canopus ADVC110.
  4. Launch iMovie.
  5. Start the program on your DVR at the same time you choose to begin the video import.
  6. Finalize your video.

Can I transfer FIOS DVR recordings to external hard drive?

Press either the Menu or DVR button on your remote control. – If you press Menu, select DVR and then select Settings. – If you press DVR, select Settings. In the Settings menu, select External Hard Drive.

Is there a way to transfer DVR recordings?

How to Transfer DVR Recordings Onto a Computer

  1. Purchase and install a video capture device between your DVR and computer.
  2. Start and pause playback on your DVR.
  3. Resume playback on your DVR and, on your computer, click “Import.” Click “Stop” when your DVR program is finished.

Can you record on an LG Smart TV?

You can record program by selecting the REC button in the program information window or on the Screen Remote . Time Machine II . The recordable time may vary depending on the capacity of your USB storage device. You can record programs from external inputs, analog TV, or digital TV.

Can you record 2 shows at the same time on DVR?

Yes. You can watch one program while recording another, or you can record two programs simultaneously while watching a previously recorded program that is already stored on your DVR playlist.

Can you watch something while recording it?

Simple answer is YES. You record one using the DVR tuner. Watch one using the TV tuner.