How do you say romantic in Dutch?

How do you say romantic in Dutch?

Inside a love relationship

Nederlands English
Ik hou van jou. I love you.
Hou je van mij? Do you love me?
Hou je nog van mij? Do you still love me?
Ik hou niet meer van jou. I don’t love you anymore.

What is Schatje?

¢ schatje. †’ deariedeardarlingsweetiehoney.

What does sus mean in Dutch?

soothe, to Verb (soothes; soothed; soothing)

What does Bosch mean in Dutch?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bosch (Catalan: [ˈbÉ”sk]; Dutch: [ˈbÉ”s]) is a popular surname in Catalan and Dutch. In both languages it is an archaic spelling of a word (modern Catalan bosc, modern Dutch bos) meaning “forest”.

How do you use su and sus?

Su and sus can each mean his, her, its, your, or their depending on the context. Su cama can mean his bed, her bed, its bed (e.g., the dog’s), your bed, or their bed. To clarify, you can use the possessive de.

Can Su mean her?

Also, you should note that su can also mean “his,” “her,” “its” or “their.” So “su computadora could mean “his computer,” “her computer,” “its computer,” “their computer,” “your computer” when speaking to one person, or “your computer” when speaking to more than one person.

Is their su or sus?

Without going into too much grammatical detail (because I would probably confuse you, and myself lol) ‘su/sus’ is an adjective so relates to the noun that it is describing. If the noun is singular (regardless of being male or female) then we use ‘su’, if plural then ‘sus’.

What is Su and sus?

Both su and sus means “his” “her”or”yours”,here “yours” is been used at a fomal situation. the difference is ,for example, when we say I’m his friend, we say “soy su amigo”, while we say we are his friends, we say”somos sus amigos”.The difference is what belongs to him is one thing or many things.

Is Su Their?

“Su” is normally used as a possesive adjective for the word his or her.

Is Su plural or singular?

List of Short-form Possessive Adjectives

Adjective Type Masculine Singular Form Feminine Plural Form
Second person formal singular (usted) su sus
Third person singular (él, ella) su sus
First person plural (nosotros) nuestro nuestras
Second person plural (vosotros) vuestro vuestras

What 4 words mean the in Spanish?

  • In English, there is only one definite article: the. In Spanish, you have to choose between four definite articles: el, la, los and las.
  • In Spanish, all nouns (including words for things) are either masculine or feminine “ this is called their gender. And just as in English they can also be either singular or plural.

What means vato loco?

Crazy Brothers

What is vato loco forever?

1. ( colloquial) (man) (Mexico) dude (colloquial) (United States) El vato por fin anotó un gol. The dude finally scored a goal.

What is Droga?

Droga (meaning Road in English) was a monthly magazine dedicated to literary and social topics. It was published in Nazi-occupied Warsaw from December 1943 to April 1944.

What Morena means?

Morena is an Italian, Portuguese and Spanish feminine given name derived from the term moreno, meaning “brown, brown-haired.” It is a popular name in Argentina, where it was the second most popular name given to baby girls born in Córdoba, Argentina in 2009.

What is a tiempo?

vote. Correct, tiempo can mean time, or weather or temperature in certain instances. ” A timpo” means “on time” while “hace tiempo” means “the weather is”

What does Cabrona mean in Puerto Rico?

Cabrón/cabrona= another word that Puerto Ricans use in their common vocabulary, meaning that you got cheated, sometimes it’s used to say that something or someone is awesome, for example “esto ta cabrón, this is totally awesome. It is similar to the British English word, chav. Also commonly spelled as kako.