How do you say peace in all languages?

How do you say peace in all languages?

How to Say Peace in 35 Languages

  1. Afrikaans: Vrede.
  2. Aragonese: Patz.
  3. Arabic: سلام (salām)
  4. Haitian Creole (Kreyol): Lapè
  5. Aymara: Hacaña.
  6. Bulgarian: ÐÐ¸Ñ (mir)
  7. Bengali: শান্তি (śānti)
  8. Tibetan: ཞི་བདེ (zhi-bde)

What does Kara mean in Thai?

People / Sexy / Crazy.

What’s the full form of moi?

A lot of people want to know: what is a MOI? The term MOI is an abbreviation for Memorandum of Incorporation. It is a document that sets out the rights, duties and responsibilities of shareholders, directors and other persons involved in a company.

What does Toi mean?


Acronym Definition
TOI Times Of India
TOI Time on Ice (Hockey Stat)
TOI Time of Impact (physics)
TOI T-Online (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG)

What does moi mean in school?

Medium of Instruction

What is Moi certificate?

A Medium of Instruction “ MOI letter is a report that confirms the language of instruction utilized all through your degree program. The medium of instruction certificate is an officially recognized letter which confirms the medium in which one has studied.

What is Moi for UK student visa?

A Secure English Language Test (SELT) is considered by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) authorities as proof of student applicant’s English proficiency. The difference between a SELT and other types of language tests is that a Secure English Language Test is officially recognised and trusted by the British government.

What does Moi stand for in medical terms?

Mechanism of injury (MOI) is the force or forces that cause injury when applied to the human body.

What is Moi and Noi?

MOI / NOI. MOI = Mechanism of injury. For trauma patients. NOI = Nature of illness. For medical patients.

What does moi mean in army?

MOI Army Abbreviation

6 MOI Memorandum Of Instruction + 1 variant Military, Armed Forces, Memorandum
1 MOI Memorandum of Instructions Promotion, Military, Business
1 MOI Methods of Instruction + 1 variant Training, Education, Course
0 MOI Method of Instruction Military, Training, Course
0 MOI Meaning obtuse itinerary recent

What does ABC mean in medical terms?

In first aid, ABC stands for airway, breathing, and circulation.

What is the abbreviation of ABC?


Acronym Definition
ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ABC American Broadcasting Company (US radio and TV network)
ABC Alphabet
ABC Airways, Breathing, Circulation (CPR)