How do you say hello in native language?

How do you say hello in native language?


  1. O’-Si-Yo’ Cherokee.
  2. Halito. Choctaw.
  3. Hau. Dakota and Lakota Sioux.
  4. Buzhu. Objiwa Chippewa.
  5. Apaa. Yupik Eskimo.
  6. Ya’at’eeh. Dene Navajo.

What is the Native American word for black?

Dog Names From American Indian Colors

Name Tribe or Language Meaning
Skah Sioux White
Suki Algonquin Black
Sesi Inuit Snow
Fala Choctaw Crow

How do you say brave in Native American?

ENAPAY: Sioux name meaning brave.

What does Nina stand for?


Acronym Definition
NINA No Income No Asset (mortgage business)
NINA No Irish Need Apply (Gallowglass album)
NINA National Iraqi News Agency
NINA New Identity Not Applicable

What does Nina mean in English?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Nina is: Favor; grace.

What does Nina mean in all languages?

[ 2 syll. ni-na, nin-a ] The baby girl name Nina is pronounced as NAYNAH  . 1: Nina is used predominantly in the English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Swahili languages, and its origin is Italian. Another possible origin is from the Spanish ‘nina’ meaning ‘little girl’.

Does Nina mean godmother?

Nina (patlina) and Ninu (patlino) , meaning godmother and godfather, respectively, are borrowed terms from the Spanish padrina and padrino. Godparents are chosen from the familia (family), such as a sibling of a parent, cousin, aunt or uncle, and is selected through careful discernment by one or both parents.

Why is a gun called a Nina?

It’s probably slang for a TEC-9 pistol. These were apparently really popular among gang members and rappers because i’ve heard the term in dozens of rap songs. Nina is a reference to a 9mm pistol (ninA, ninE: get it?).

Is Nina slang for gun?

(slang) A 9mm handgun.

Why do they say word in rap?

The N-word is a derogatory term; a racial slur which was used to refer to and insult black slaves, but today it is used prominently in hip-hop. The reaction to the Kendrick footage on social media was mixed – with some defending the woman and others saying Lamar did the right thing by cutting her off.

Is Nina a nickname for a gun?

Nina could be from Nano pocket pistols or from Spanish Niña which means Little Girl and is affectionately applied to small versions of common items(including pistols).

Where does the name Jessica come from?

Jessica is a traditionally feminine name with Hebrew roots meaning “rich” or “God beholds” ” it comes from the Hebrew “yiskah,” and variations include Iska, Jeska, Yessica, Jessika, Jess, Jessie and Jesse. Iscah was a daughter of Haran in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

What rapper uses the most words?

Eminem topped the list with 8,818 unique words used, followed by Jay Z with 6,899, the late Tupac Shakur with 6,569 and West with 5,069. Legendary singer-songwriter Dylan came in fifth with 4,883. Perhaps the top four was to be expected, as rap is by nature dense, given the focus on lyricism.