How do you insult in Thai?

How do you insult in Thai?

Remember you may hear Thai people use many of these but they know how to use them.

  1. Insults. stupid.
  2. kwai. This is the Thai word for buffalo.
  3. nah gliat. This is a funny one.
  4. kee nee-ow. This phrase means stingy or tight with money.
  5. ‘kee nok’ and ‘kee ngok’
  6. ai & ee.
  7. Swear Words.

What is NOI?

Net Operating Income, or NOI for short, is a formula those in real estate use to quickly calculate profitability of a particular investment. NOI determines the revenue and profitability of invested real estate property after subtracting necessary operating expenses.

What is the meaning of no Offence intended?

to have no intention of making someone angry and upset by what you are doing or saying. I’m sorry, I meant no offence.

What is a good Noi?

There is no such thing as a good NOI. Instead, you can compare your property’s net operating income to that of other similar properties in the same area (real estate comps). This allows you to see if your expenses are too high or rent is too low.

What does 7.5% cap rate mean?

The cap rate (or capitalization rate) is a term used by real estate investors to measure the expected rate of return on an investment property for sale. It’s the most commonly used metric by which real estate investments are evaluated.

What is NOI year1?

Net operating income (NOI) is a calculation used to analyze the profitability of income-generating real estate investments. NOI is a before-tax figure, appearing on a property’s income and cash flow statement, that excludes principal and interest payments on loans, capital expenditures, depreciation, and amortization.

What is NOI margin?

NOI margin means, with respect to a particular hotel or group of hotels, the NOI of such hotel or group of hotels, divided by revenue attributable to such hotel or group of hotels.

Is debt service included in NOI?

Debt Service “ Financing costs are specific to the owner/investor and as such are not included in calculating NOI. While the textbook definitions of NOI usually exclude reserves from the NOI calculation, in practice many analysts actually do include reserves for replacement in NOI.

How do you increase NOI?

10 Ways to Improve Your Community’s NOI

  1. Curb Appeal is King. Curb appeal includes all the senses ” sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.
  2. Amenities People Love–And Use.
  3. Make Them Look Twice.
  4. Increase Lease Rates/Lease Terms.
  5. Ancillary Income.
  6. Minimize Turnover.
  7. Bid Out All Contracts.
  8. Save Energy and Water.

Is it better to have a high or low cap rate?

Buyers usually want a high cap rate, or the purchase price is low compared to the NOI. But, as stated above, a higher cap rate usually means higher risk and a lower cap rate usually means lower risk. When deciding a good cap rate, make sure you are comparing the same property types in similar areas.

How do apartments increase revenue?

12 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Apartment Complex

  1. Add additional units.
  2. Generate laundry revenue.
  3. Provide storage.
  4. Charge late fees.
  5. Implement utility bill back.
  6. Charge for applications.
  7. Implement move-in fees.
  8. Encourage renter’s insurance.