How do I write a persuasive essay?

How do I write a persuasive essay?

The Five-Step Writing Process for Persuasive Essays

  1. Choose a position. Students should think about the issue and pick the side they wish to advocate.
  2. Understand the audience.
  3. Do the research.
  4. Identify the most convincing evidence, as well as the key points for the opposing view.

What can I do a persuasive speech on?

What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

  • It’s Something You Know About or Are Interested in Learning About.
  • It’s a Topic People Care About.
  • It Isn’t Overdone.
  • Arts/Culture.
  • Economic.
  • Education.
  • Ethics.
  • Government/Politics.

How long are persuasive speeches?

For the purpose of this speech, the body should be about two minutes long. You should spend about 40 seconds per point. sure you articulate these ideas in a logical format.

What makes a persuasive speech good?

A convincing speech is designed to cause the audience to internalize and believe a viewpoint that they did not previously hold. In a sense, a convincing argument changes the audience’s mind. For example, suppose you are giving a persuasive speech claiming that Coke is better than Pepsi.

How do you end a persuasive speech?


  1. Summarize the main points of your speech.
  2. Restate your purpose or thesis.
  3. Create closure, a sense of finality.
  4. In persuasive speeches, make a final call for commitment or action.

Which quality of a persuasive speech should come first?

Good persuasive speeches share several common characteristics. Those qualities include an opening statement that grabs interest, evidence that establishes your credibility and a conclusion that compels the listener to support your position or take action.

How do you conclude a persuasive essay example?

Sentence #1: restate the thesis by making the same point with other words (paraphrase). ~ Example: Thesis: Dogs are better pets than cats. Paraphrased: Dogs make the best pets in the world.