How did Common Greeks explain natural events?

How did Common Greeks explain natural events?

Greek Gods People today have scientific explanations for events like thunder, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. The ancient Greeks did not. They believed their gods caused these events to happen, and they created myths to explain the gods’ actions. The Greeks saw the work of the gods in events all around them.

What did ancient Greek scientists discover?


Technology Date
Archimedes’ screw c. 3rd century BC
Lighthouse c. 3rd century BC
Water wheel 3rd century BC
Alarm clock 3rd century BC

How did the ancient Greek help shape scientific knowledge?

Ancient Greek science used experimentation to help theoretical understanding while modern science uses theory to pursue practical results. An example of this could be one of the surviving works of Archimedes, The Method, which explains how mechanical experiments can help the understanding of geometry.

Who were the scientists of ancient Greek?

Amazing Ancient Greek Scientists

  • Aristotle. Known as the true father of philosophy, Aristotle of Stagira was the one who deduced that every natural occurrence in the world could be explained by logic.
  • Hippocrates.
  • Anaximander.
  • Euclid.
  • Eratosthenes.
  • Pythagoras.
  • Anaxagoras.
  • Democritus.

Who is the best Greek scientist?

Archimedes – He is considered one of the great mathematicians and scientists in history. He made many discoveries both in math and physics including many inventions. Aristarchus – An astronomer and mathematician, Aristarchus was the first to put the sun at the center of the known universe rather than the Earth.

Who was the most famous Greek?

Alexander the Great

Who was the first Greek woman?


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