How can I check my Fbise result?

How can I check my Fbise result?

(2) By sending SMS on 5050 with the format: FB(Space)[Roll Number] to obtain result on Mobile.

How can I check my Fbise result via SMS?

How to Check FBISE Result by SMS:

  1. Students have to enter their roll numbers on the website.
  2. Students can also know their result through SMS on 5050.
  3. SMS Method: FB (space) Roll Number.

Is federal board tough?

FBISE stands for Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, and it’s the federal government body of Pakistan and aboard for HSSC and SSC. It’s considered the best, but the toughest board of Pakistan because of its strict rules, and the paper pattern.

How can I score highest marks in English?

Tips to score high marks in 10th/12th Board English Exam

  1. 1 Start preparing early.
  2. 2 Understand the fact that English will come handy in the near future.
  3. 3 Try to speak in English.
  4. 4 Form a group and work on English Language skills.
  5. 5 Focus more on Grammar.
  6. 6 Don’t try to mug up each and everything.

How can I improve my FSC marks?

If you wish to improve your marks and believe that there has been an issue in your grading, then you can opt for a rechecking for your examinations. This will provide you with One More Chance to improve your grades per subject requested.

How can I get good marks in 9th board exam?

Here are the following tips and strategies that you should follow for the board exam to score 90% marks.

  1. Defeat Yourself.
  2. Stick with your syllabus book “ Mind It.
  3. Be careful with your weak points.
  4. Time will kill your marks.
  5. Practicing from the sample and previous year papers is the best way.

How can I top in 9 class?

How to become Topper in Class 9

  1. Study with complete concentration.
  2. Study smartly.
  3. Mugging the answers blindly never helps.
  4. Stay disciplined with your teachers.
  5. Attempt as many sample papers and solve as many practice questions as possible.
  6. Try to write in good handwriting.
  7. Maintain a cool head.

Which is the hardest subject in class 9?

But, in general, maximum students find Geometry as the most difficult topic. Also, under the Geometry section Triangles is the most disliked chapter of class IX maths. I hope you got the answer.

Is 9th class ICSE difficult?

A: The difficulty level of the ICSE Board exam is considered to be quite tough, especially if compared to the difficulty level of other board exams. Q3: What is the importance of ICSE Class 9 syllabus 2021-22? A: Knowing the syllabus is important for all the students.

What is the hardest subject in Grade 9?

Top Ten Hardest School Subjects

  • Physics. For the majority of people, physics is very tough because it is applying numbers to concepts that can be very abstract.
  • Foreign Language.
  • Chemistry.
  • Math.
  • Calculus.
  • English.
  • Biology.
  • Trigonometry.