Does The Merchant of Venice have a happy ending?

Does The Merchant of Venice have a happy ending?

The play ends with a joyful and playful reunion that contrasts with the serious themes that dominate much of the play. Bassanio, Antonio, and Gratiano return to Belmont to reunite with Portia and Nerissa, who have just arrived from Venice.

What appeals does Portia make in petitioning Shylock to have mercy What effect do these appeals have on Shylock?

What appeals does Portia make in petitioning Shylock to have mercy? What effect do these appeals have on Shylock? She lets him know that the law is on his side. Then she gives her mercy speech (attribute of God, Justice).

What does Jessica’s cross dressing have in common with Portia and Nerissa’s what purpose does each serve?

Cross-dressing is a pretty common occurrence in the play, as Jessica, Nerissa, and Portia all end up in men’s clothes at some time or another. Their cross-dressing allows each of them to carry out some role that they would be unable to do as women.

Why did Portia and Nerissa disguise?

This very sentiment is the primary motivation for the cross dressing of Portia and Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice. Portia understands that in order to help her husband’s friend Antonio, she must dress like a man in order to escape the strict limitations placed on women at the time (Belsey 639).

Where did Portia and Nerissa really go?

Portia and Nerissa go to Venice disguised as a lawyer and clerk. In the courtroom, the Duke asks Shylock to show some compassion and Bassanio offers 6000 ducats to repay Antonio’s loan.

How does Jessica feel about Portia?

She thinks that her husband will make her Christian. What were Jessica and Lorenzo’s opinion of Portia? Jessica appreciates Portia and believes Bassanio is lucky to have her. Shakespeare wanted to share Jessica’s opinion because she was an important character who was once a Jew.

What does Portia say about her kind actions?

What does Portia say of her past actions? Answer: Portia says that she has never repented of doing a good action in the past.

What according to Portia are the qualities they lack?

Portia says that their husbands will see them in such a dress that they will think they are equipped with qualities of men which they actually lack. Portia bets that being dressed as a man, she would be the smarter of the two (Portia and Nerissa).

What does Portia say about Falconbridge?

Answer. Answer: Falconbridge: Portia says that thisyoung baron from England speaks none of the languages that she knows. She describes the Englishman as having no real identity, either, since his manner of dress indicates nothing about him.

How is Portia a strong female character?

Thus Portia as a strong and admirable female character is normally considered a heroine. She is a wealthy heiress who is interested in finding a husband who will love her for herself rather than just her money. She is beautiful, intelligent, and loyal, an eloquent speaker and original thinker.

Is Portia a powerful or powerless character?

Portia certainly has a lot of capacity; she stops Shylock from killing Antonio when Antonio himself, Bassanio, Gratiano and the Duke is not able to. So, Portia had more intelligence than many other men other men. Portia is also powerful in the society in the sense she is a rich heiress.

How is Portia a strong character?

Portia is a rich girl from Belmont and she has a powerful personality, pure love and the ability to change the fate of man . Portia uses her intelligence to Bassanio to choose the correct casket by her song . she saves Antonio when she becomes a lawyer in the court to free him from shylock` pound .

Does Portia really love Bassanio?

Portia highlights her true love for Bassanio by describing her sacrifice to save Antonio as an act of love for Bassanio. Portia’s willingness to sacrifice for her new husband, even indirectly, demonstrates the genuine love she feels for him.

Why did Bassanio wanted to marry Portia?

Bassanio, Antonio’s friend, wants to marry the lady of Belmont, Portia, but he needs a large amount of money to compete with other suitors seeking her hand in marriage. Bassanio goes to Belmont, and he is able to propose to Portia because he passes her deceased father’s test.

How must Portia choose her husband?

Her father’s will states that any would-be husband of Portia’s has to correctly complete a task. The men must choose from three caskets “ one is made of gold, one silver and the third, lead. One of the caskets holds a portrait of Portia and whoever chooses this one will become her husband.

What is Portia looking for in her husband?

Therefore, Portia’s advertisement would probably look something like the following: Beautiful heiress seeking young and honorable Christian man who smiles easily, enjoys life, and cares about others. He must be able-bodied, good with a sword, confident, and willing to uphold the values and standards of Belmont estate.

What is the real reason of Portia sadness?

Answer: The real reason of Portia’s sadness is that she wants to marry the person of her choice but she cannot. She cannot disobey the will of her late father who has designed the lottery of caskets for her marriage.

Why did Prince of Arragon reject the lead casket?

Explanation: He chose the gold casket because it seemed the most obvious, and most desirable choice. Arragon rejects lead because of the ominous warning, and thinks that gold refers to the foolish populace. Instead he chooses silver which indicates he will receive what he deserves.

How does Nerissa Portia?

Nerissa’s reaction to the lottery was positive. She calls Portia’s father pious and asserts that good men do have inspirations at the time of death. She consoles Portia by saying that she will be chosen correctly by a person whom she truly loves.

What is the difference between Antonio’s melancholy and that Portia?

Both deem their melancholy as disturbingly unwelcome and unpleasant. The difference lies in the fact that Antonio cannot possibly have a solution for his sadness since he does not know what causes it, while Portia, to a certain extent, has hope for a solution. She dreams of Bassanio choosing the right casket.

Why is Portia sad in the beginning of the scene?

Answer. Antonio was not knowing the reason of his sadness but Portia was sad because she cannot choose her husband by her own choice . As it was her father wish that the suitor who will choose the correct casket which contain Portia’s portrait will be Portia’s husband.

Why is Portia melancholic in the beginning of the scene?

The mood of melancholy is shown in Portia s weary mood in the beginning of this scene. Portia s melancholy is the result of her anxiety over the prospect of her future husband. Whenever each suitor comes, Portia was anxious to know whether they will select the right casket and become her future husband.

What is the difference between Antonio’s weariness and that of Persia?

Answer. Answer: Whereas Portia expresses her sadness in form of weariness. Portia’s mood turned humorous as she and Nerrisa spoke of her suitors so far, whereas Antonio was still uncertain of his reasons for sadness.

What is the similarity between Antonio and Portia in the opening scene?

Both Portia and Antonio display their loyalty towards Bassanio, as his wife and dearest friend respectively. Both are selfless and use the money for the betterment of others rather than their selfish needs.

Why does Portia unhappy in her life?

Like Antonio, Portia announces her sadness, but unlike Antonio’s, Portia’s sadness is clearly due to the conditions imposed on her by her dead father’s will: in the matter of her marriage, she must abide by the test of the choice of the three caskets; she can “neither choose who I would nor refuse who dislike [as a …