Do I need a TV Licence to watch BritBox?

Do I need a TV Licence to watch BritBox?

Do I need a TV Licence to watch BBC programmes on BritBox? So although some of these are BBC programmes, they don’t have the same status as programmes on iPlayer, as BritBox is a subscription service “ so it would be like watching BBC programmes on a DVD, for example. Therefore, you don’t need a TV licence for BritBox.

Is it a criminal Offence not to have a TV Licence?

If you don’t have a licence or fail to repay your arrears, you could receive a court fine. It’s a criminal offence to watch live TV or use BBC iPlayer unless you have a valid TV licence. You still need a licence even if you don’t own a television and only watch BBC iPlayer on a phone, tablet or computer.

Do I need a TV Licence if I only watch Freeview?

You need a TV Licence to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer “ live, catch up or on demand. This applies to any device and provider you use, including: Freeview, Freesat or YouView. Sky, Virgin Media or BT TV.

How much is a TV Licence Monthly 2020?

Pay for your TV Licence Monthly by Direct Debit Pay for your first licence by Direct Debit in six months, at around £26.50 a month. Then pay for the next one in monthly instalments of around £13.25. Make four Direct Debit payments throughout the year. If you pay this way, each payment will include a £1.25 charge.

Can TV Licence tell if you watch TV?

And it probably never could tell if you were watching TV. Previously, a licence was required to watch live programmes on iPlayer, in just the same way as if you watched them using a TV aerial, but not if you watched them later. From September, a licence will be required to watch any TV content on iPlayer.

What can you legally watch without a TV Licence?

You don’t need a licence if you only ever watch on demand or catch up programmes on services other than BBC iPlayer (and you also never watch live TV programmes on any channel, including on iPlayer). You also don’t need a licence to watch DVDs, Blu-rays or videos.

Can I cancel my TV Licence if I don’t watch BBC?

You can cancel your licence if you no longer: watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, on any channel or.

What countries pay TV Licence?


  • 2.1 Albania.
  • 2.2 Austria.
  • 2.3 Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 2.4 Croatia.
  • 2.5 Czech Republic.
  • 2.6 Denmark.
  • 2.7 France.
  • 2.8 Germany.

Can I cancel my TV Licence if I only watch Netflix?

If you only watch on-demand or catch-up programmes through streaming services like Netflix, then you do NOT need a TV licence – UNLESS you’re watching BBC programmes on iPlayer. You also need one if you’re watching any live TV through apps. So, if you start watching Sky Sports through Now TV, you need a licence.

How long does it take for a TV Licence to be refunded?

21 days

Can I get a refund on my TV Licence if I move?

TV Licensing In this case you should move your licence to your new address. You can request a refund up to two weeks before you move. If we approve your refund, your licence will be cancelled automatically. If you’re not eligible for a refund, you can still cancel your licence.

How is TV Licence refund calculated?

Any refund due is calculated in unused months. You must have at least one complete month left on your licence that you won’t need before it expires. So you could get a refund for between one and 11 months, depending on how long you have left on your licence.

Can you cash in TV Licence stamps?

Please enclose a covering letter stating who the stamps should be refunded to. You may want to send the stamps by special delivery as it is like sending cash through the post. Please allow 28 days to receive a refund cheque for the value of your stamps.

Do you need TV Licence for Netflix?

As Netflix does not broadcast its titles live, you do not need a TV licence to use the service. You don’t need a licence if you only ever watch titles on-demand or on catch up on services other than BBC iPlayer. If you watch other live TV as well as Netflix then yes you legally need a licence.

Do I need a TV Licence if I am over 75?

If you’re 75 or over and live in a residential care home, you may be covered by an ARC (Accommodation for Residential Care) TV Licence and won’t have to pay for a licence even if you don’t receive Pension Credit. You may also get a free licence if you live somewhere that used to have an ARC licence.

Can you get help with TV Licence?

It remains a legal requirement to be covered by a licence if you need one. We will do all we can to help you stay licensed. So please do get in touch if you’re not able to keep up to date with your payments: If you’re a TV Licensing payment card customer, please call our team on

What’s happening about TV Licence for over 75?

From 1 August 2020 you will no longer receive a free TV licence if you’re over 75, unless you receive Pension Credit. However, if you had a free TV licence on 31 July 2020, don’t worry. You’ll receive a letter about what to do next and until then you don’t have to do anything, you’re still covered.

Do I need to pay TV Licence if I don’t watch BBC?

You don’t need a TV Licence if you never watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV, on any channel, or live on an online TV service, and you never download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer “ live, catch up or on demand. Find out more about when you need a TV Licence.

Are there fake TV Licence emails?

For this scam, the emails are disguised to look like they have been sent by the TV Licensing organisation. They may say you’re entitled to a refund for an overpayment or warn that your licence is about to expire. They will then ask you to respond by entering your bank details on a fake website.

How can I speak to TV license?

The post at: Customer Relations, TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL. Our call centre by phone on

Who runs the TV Licence?