Do gerbils prefer sand or sawdust?

Do gerbils prefer sand or sawdust?

Although this is very cheap to buy, there is little to recommend it. Sawdust has been known to cause irritation to gerbil eyes and noses, so it is best to avoid it. On the whole this is very clean, especially the dust extracted form and it does not usually cause problems for gerbils.

What is the best bedding for gerbils?

Gerbils need a thick layer of dust- extracted bedding to dig into. Organic soil or peat are great natural beddings for your gerbil along with meadow or Timothy hay, plus shredded paper for nesting. Don’t use fluffy material as this can wrap around gerbils’ limbs and injure them.

Are Woodshavings safe for gerbils?

For nesting material we use hay as it is more natural than most bedding sold and they love to chew it too. You can also use safebed, a shredded tissue like bedding. Never give gerbils fluffy bedding, the cotton wool like bedding.. We never use sawdust or wood shavings as they can irritate gerbils eyes.

Is pine bedding good for gerbils?

The following materials can be harmful to gerbils, and so we strongly advise against using them at all. Pine and cedar bedding – These are terrible options, as they cause respiratory problems in gerbils due to the fact that they break into tiny pieces and can be breathed in.

What sand is safe for gerbils?

Sterilized play sand is safe to use with gerbils. Many gerbil owners have kept gerbils with a sand bath with play sand. Don’t use dyed play sand or kinetic play sand. The best play sand for gerbils is dust free and is so-called aragonite sand (silica-free).

Is reptile sand OK for gerbils?

The internet has instilled a deep fear of chinchilla dust and even sand, causing groups and forums to encourage the use of playsand or reptile sand. Often they go on about silica (sand) being bad for gerbils. Its for this reason that I strongly recommend you do not keep dust or sand in your gerbils cage.

Is chinchilla sand OK for gerbils?

Although there may not be one specifically for gerbils, chinchilla sand will do just fine. Be careful to get sand and not dust, as dust has been known to cause respiratory problems. They’ll squirm around in the sand, giving themselves a good scrub in the process.

Why won’t my gerbil run on his wheel?

There are several reasons why a gerbil might not use its wheel: The wheel is too small for gerbils. This is often the case with hamster wheels, because hamsters are smaller than gerbils. Your gerbil doesn’t need to use a wheel.