Did Dutch survive in Predator?

Did Dutch survive in Predator?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heroic Dutch character never returned for Predator sequels onscreen, but he got up to some further adventures offscreen. He survives Predator, but has never reappeared onscreen in the franchise. However, expanded universe materials reveal more to his story.

What wrestler was in Predator?

Sylvester Terkay

Why did Billy cut himself in Predator?

in the first movie, the predator was hunting them for the trophies. so, there was no reason for Arnold and the predator to team up. What happened to Billy in Predator? He sacrifices himself to help his friends escape¦ he knows he is going to lose the fight, but he mistakenly thinks he will go down fighting.

Who played the first predator?

Kevin Peter Hall

Where did they shoot predator?


Is the predator a good guy?

The Yautja, more popularly known as the Predators, are an alien race and the main antagonists of the Predator film series. They also appear as anti-heroes in the Aliens vs. Predator franchise. The Predators as a dangerous race are great hunters, with trophies from many species across the galaxy.

How did predator die?

Towards the end of the movie, the Predator is ultimately confronted by Harrigan in his own ship and killed when Harrigan uses one of his own weapons against him.

What predator means?

English Language Learners Definition of predator : an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals : an animal that preys on other animals. : a person who looks for other people in order to use, control, or harm them in some way.

Where did the word predator originate from?

predator (n.) “animal that preys upon another,” 1862, from Latin praedator “plunderer,” from praedari “to rob” (see predation). Latin Predatores (Swainson, 1840) was used in biology of the group of coleopterous insects that ate other insects.

What is Predator synonym?

Synonyms. assailant attacker piranha moss-trooper vulture assaulter aggressor marauder.

Which means almost the same as predator?

A predator is an organism that eats another organism. The words “predator” and “prey” are almost always used to mean only animals that eat animals, but the same concept also applies to plants: Bear and berry, rabbit and lettuce, grasshopper and leaf.

What’s another name for top predator?

An apex predator, also known as an alpha predator or top predator, is a predator at the top of a food chain, without natural predators. Apex predators are usually defined in terms of trophic dynamics, meaning that they occupy the highest trophic levels.

Which is the closest synonym for the word signal?

Synonyms of signal

  • gesticulation,
  • gesture,
  • mime,
  • pantomime,
  • sign.

What’s the opposite of signal?

What is the opposite of signal?

common inconspicuous
ordinary unexceptional
unimportant unimpressive
unnoteworthy unnoticeable
vague unremarkable

What is the synonym of developed?

dɪˈvɛləp) Come into existence; take on form or shape. Synonyms. grow rise become spring up emerge uprise well up head come forth originate come arise follow swell resurge.

What is the antonym of develop?

Antonyms: undeveloped, rudimentary, vestigial, nonindustrial, budding, unimproved. Synonyms: highly-developed.

What means evolve?

: to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop by a process of evolution. See the full definition for evolve in the English Language Learners Dictionary. evolve. verb.

Was there a replacement word?

What is another word for were?

made was
symbolizedUS typified
appeared seemed
looked have been
felt turned

Were vs where meaning?

Were is the past tense of be when used as a verb. Where means in a specific place when used as an adverb or conjunction. When it is used in a question to ask about a place or location, it functions as an adverb or pronoun.

Were meaning in English?

1. Were is the plural and the second person singular of the past tense of be1. 2. Were is sometimes used instead of ‘was’ in certain structures, for example in conditional clauses or after the verb ‘wish’. [formal]

What is the difference between were and we re?

Were is simply a plural past-tense form of the verb are. To talk about something happening now or in the future, use we’re; but to talk about something in the past, use were. If you can’t substitute we are for the word you’ve written, omit the apostrophe.