Can you get more ammo for the Alien Blaster in New Vegas?

Can you get more ammo for the Alien Blaster in New Vegas?

The trade off is that the ammo you pick up for it is the only ammo available in the game. That said, you can find ammo across all the aliens you encounter. I ended up with about 200 cells. As a final note, the Alien Blaster will only appear in Fallout: New Vegas if you have the perk “Wild Wasteland”.

How do I get my YCS 186?

Location. The YCS/186 Gauss rifle is found at the mercenary camp east of Brooks tumbleweed ranch. A hostile mercenary with reinforced combat armor or reinforced combat armor mark 2 is carrying this weapon and will attack the player character on sight.

Can you activate Archimedes?

Archimedes I can be activated after selecting any of the first four power options from the HELIOS One mainframe terminal (any of them but the “Full Region, Emergency Power Level” option). If activated after the quest has been completed, Caesar’s Legion will not take over HELIOS One even if all NCR soldiers are dead.

How do I get into Helios one?

Access to HELIOS One is gained by speaking with Lieutenant Haggerty at the main entrance or by picking the lock of a side door. Another way to enter through the front entrance is to use a Stealth Boy to sneak inside.

How do you get NCR Fame fast?

You will get NCR fame and talk with Major Dhatri in camp. He will give you a mission named Three-Card Bounty. Kill 3 Fiend leader and take their head and talk with Major Dhatri you will get NCR fame again and talk with Carrie Boyd you will get an unmarked quest named “Silus Treatment”.

How do you beat Lucky Old Sun?

The only way to complete it is to kill Ignacio. If the player character goes to Hoover Dam to talk to the Commander before finishing this quest, Fantastic will be there instead of at HELIOS One, making it impossible to finish That Lucky Old Sun. To fix this the player character must kill Fantastic at Hoover Dam.

Who wrote Lucky Old Sun?

Beasley Smith

How do you get Euclid’s C Finder to work?

In order to use Euclid’s C-Finder, the player character must complete the quest That Lucky Old Sun and choose to direct power to Archimedes II at the end of the quest. The weapon can only be used once every 24-hours in-game, due to the recharge time of the lasers.

Should Veronica leave the brotherhood?

Becoming Vilified with the Brotherhood of Steel causes Veronica to quit as a companion. It is also possible for her to stay as a companion should the Courier complete all Brotherhood of Steel faction quests in their favor, make her leave the Brotherhood, and destroy them without killing any members.

Where is Max in freeside?

Max can be found in Freeside chasing his friend Stacey with Euclid’s C-Finder. However the safety on the C-Finder was left on, preventing him from activating Archimedes II.

What is the highest level in Fallout New Vegas?

level 30

How much damage does Euclid’s C Finder do?

Euclid’s C-Finder

Attack statistics
DPS 30.4 (36.2)
DPS (reload) 20.6 (24.6)
Crit Dmg 0 x50
Attacks/Sec 0.2 50