Can I travel outside the US while waiting for green card?

Can I travel outside the US while waiting for green card?

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does provide that immigrants may travel abroad while waiting on their Green Card, officially known as a Permanent Resident Card. In order to obtain Advance Parole, you must complete Form I-131”Application for Travel Document.

Do you need advance parole if you have a green card?

Why do I need Advance Parole? You need Advance Parole if you have a pending green card application and want to take a trip outside the United States while you wait.

Can I travel outside US while waiting for H1B?

If you are in the U.S. in H-1B status and have a valid visa stamp in your passport, you are permitted to travel outside of the U.S. and return to the U.S. as long as you reenter prior to your visa’s expiration date.

Can I travel outside the US while 485 is pending?

Adjustment applicants who are in valid H-1B status, and their dependents, can travel abroad and reenter the United States in H status while an I-485 is pending, without having to obtain advance parole. The H1B must still be eligible for H status and returning to the previously approved employer.

How long can I stay out of us on advance parole?

one year

Is traveling on advance parole safe?

Advance parole acts like a US visa, and specifically allows the traveler to re-enter the United States upon their return. An advance parole document is perfectly safe when used appropriately, but there are a number of conditions that apply for it to be truly appropriate.

Can advance parole be used multiple times?

Advance Parole is normally granted for multiple entries into the U.S. and for the time period required to complete the adjustment of status application, not to exceed one year.

Is advance parole dangerous?

What Are the Risks of Traveling on Advance Parole? Although possible, leaving the U.S. while on advance parole can be risky as well. Usually, those who leave the country while their application is pending are considered to have abandoned their petition, so that would mean the entire process would be stopped.

Who qualifies for advance parole?

You may apply for advance parole if you currently reside in the U.S. and have a personal or bona fide reason to travel temporarily abroad and have:

  • An application for adjustment of status pending.
  • Been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program.
  • Been granted temporary protected status.
  • An asylum application pending.

Does advance parole count as legal entry?

Similarly, advance parole is simply permission to leave and re-enter the country and, on its own, does not confer any permanent benefit. They will be paroled into the U.S., which is considered a lawful entry.

How does advance parole look like?

The card looks similar to the current Employment Authorization Document (EAD) but will include text that reads, “Serves as I-512 Advance Parole.” A card with this text will serve as both an employment authorization and Advance Parole document.

What is the purpose of advance parole?

Advance parole allows you to travel back to the United States without applying for a visa. A transportation company (airlines) can accept an advance parole document instead of a visa as proof that you are authorized to travel to the United States. An advance parole document does not replace your passport.

What is the difference between travel document and advance parole?

Advance Parole is issued to an alien who does not have permanent resident status. A Reentry Permit is issued to a permanent resident of the U.S. The two documents are dissimilar in physical appearance: Advance Parole is a single piece of paper bearing the alien’s photo, whereas a Re-entry Permit looks like a passport.

Can I be denied entry with advance parole?

Such aliens must be approved for Advance Parole before leaving the United States. As a general rule, if an alien has not obtained Advance Parole prior to traveling abroad, he/she will not be permitted to re-enter the United States upon their return unless he/she has a valid visa.

What happens if advance parole is denied?

In general, if you are seeking immigrant status (a Green Card) and depart the United States without the appropriate documentation (i.e. advance parole) you may be inadmissible to the United States upon return, or even if admitted, you may be found to have abandoned your application.

Is Advance Parole back 2020?

On June 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of DACA recipients. The court’s decision ordered the Administration to reopen DACA for new applicants, reopen Advance Parole, and allow current DACA recipients to continue to renew their status.

How much does it cost for advance parole?

Don’t forget to sign your form.

I am applying for an advance parole document (Application Types D, E, and F): Filing Fee Total
Advance Parole – Type D (pending Form I-485 or Form I-821) $575 $575
Advance Parole “ Type E (humanitarian parole) $575 $575
Advance Parole “ Type F (humanitarian parole) $575 $575

How long does form I-131 take to process?

three months