Can Apaches carry passengers?

Can Apaches carry passengers?

The Apache could carry 4 passengers. Another option would be to use the seat as a stretcher to transport wounded. It could also have the seats made bullet prove to machineguns. Earl Bell helicopters during the Korean war had two stretchers on each side and transported many battle casualties to hospital very quickly.

How many people can a Apache helicopter carry?

AH-64E Apache Technical Specifications

Standard Crew 2
Maximum Operating Weight 23,000 lb. (10,432 kg)
Maximum Rate of Climb 2,800+ ft. (853+ m) per minute
Maximum Level Flight Speed 150+ knots (279+ kph)
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft. (6,096 m)

Can you fly an Apache from the front seat?

You can actually fly the aircraft from either seat. The back seat is primarily the pilot (PLT) with the front seat being the co-pilot/gunner (CPG). The main reason for this arrangement is visibility.

Are both people in an Apache pilots?

Yes. Both crew stations flight controls, (the pilot sits in the back and the co-pilot/gunner sits in the front), are set up nearly identical. The flight controls are rigged in a way that allows either pilot to fly the aircraft.

Do Apache pilots carry guns?

Typically, they don’t fly with any weapons. Most soldiers simply aren’t armed unless they are on security details or in a combat area of operations. However, if they are on a combat mission, Apache pilots carry an M4 each, strapped into a rack beside his or her seat.

How much does an Apache pilot make?

The base salary for Helicopter Pilot in companies like U.S. Army range from $84,186 to $127,649 with the average base salary of $99,267. The total cash compensation, which includes bonus, and annual incentives, can vary anywhere from $84,252 to $133,758 with the average total cash compensation of $105,769.

What do army pilots get paid?

As of 2020, a warrant officer with less than two years’ experience was paid $3,213 a month. The army helicopter pilot salary rises to $3,559.20 after two years, per’s 2020 Active Duty Pay Chart.

Is it hard to be a army pilot?

It’s challenging, but the Army needs more pilots. The training is rigorous, but if you were able to satisfy the initial standards (such as the SIFT and ASVAB score requirements), then you have what it takes to get the job done.

Why does the army have a pilot shortage?

12 said. The new policy comes amid a pilot shortage among all branches in the military. Last year, the Army’s pilot attrition rate grew to a record 10% of its force, due largely to aging aviators and competition from commercial airlines. “In the end, it’s the Army getting a good return on the investments,” Kearns said.