Can and bottle openers for arthritis?

Can and bottle openers for arthritis?

For people with arthritic hands, the best choice in the electric jar openers category (which are also often called one-touch, hands-free, automatic) is Black and Decker Lids Off JW 275 corded electric device. See the picture and the features of this opener at the end of the article.

Why is it called the church key?

To protect their aging beers in their monasteries, the monks locked them away in lager cellars, for which only the monks had the keys. It is theorized that the openers reminded someone of these keys — either because of their shape or use — and started calling them “church” keys.

What does it mean to Church Key someone?

The phrase can also be used simply as slang for a bottle opener. Be sure to bring a church key with you so we can open up the bottles! Here, use this church key to open that can of soup. See also: church, key.

Is a church key?

“The expression ‘church key’ is old in the brewing business,” he wrote. “I worked in a brewery for about 35 years and everybody carried a bottle opener or church key, perhaps so called because it looked like the top end of the kind of heavy ornate key used to unlock church doors.

Can you open a can with a church key?

Method 6: Church Key (Puncture Can Opener) Usually church keys are used for puncturing cans of condensed milk (or other liquids) to make a spout. However, by making a series of punctures, one next to the other, you can open an entire can.

Can you open a can with a screwdriver?

Try putting a flat-head screwdriver against the groove where the can is supposed to open. Tap the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer until the lid begins to split open. You can then pry it open the rest of the way with the handle of a spoon or fork.

Is opening a knife with a can bad?

Opening a can with a knife is much harder, more time consuming and dangerous than opening one with a can opener, and confers no additional benefit what so ever.