Can an inference be false?

Can an inference be false?

An inference can be valid even if the parts are false, and can be invalid even if some parts are true. But a valid form with true premises will always have a true conclusion.

What is a flawed question?

Flaw questions ask you to identify an error in the reasoning of an argument.. In Flaw Questions, however, the correct answer will be a description of the gap itself, rather than a fact that could help to widen or narrow that gap.

What are the flaws?

noun. a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect; fault: beauty without flaw; the flaws in our plan. a defect impairing legal soundness or validity. a crack, break, breach, or rent.

Which is the best example of a flaw?

10 Common Examples of Character Flaws in Literature

  • Abusive. Being abusive is a character flaw many literary villains possess.
  • Addiction. Addiction is another common plot device used to move a story forward or create conflict in the character’s life.
  • Excessive Pride.
  • Fear.
  • Greed.
  • Jealousy.
  • Incompetence.
  • Lust for Power.

What was the major flaw in tricky?

Tricki was also fed cream cakes and chocolates. Instead of refusing to eat the extra food, Tricki gave in to the temptation of eating the cakes and snacks. All this worsened his health, Tricki’s greed for chocolates and food was his major flaw.

How did Mrs Pumphrey spoil Tricki?

She never realised that Tricki was a greedy dog and this would spoil his health. She could not even refuse to answer Tricki drooling for cream cakes and chocolates. Her overfeeding worsened Tricki’s condition. Mrs Pumphrey fed him excessively, spoiling Tricki’s health to such an extent that he had to be hospitalised.

What was major flaw in Tricki 10?


Why was it important for Mrs Pumphrey to be a little cruel?

Answer: It is important for Mrs Pumphrey to be little cruel towards Tricki by cutting off his extra junk food and making him to do exercise regularly in order to get his health alright. This is because,due to her over pampering Tricki suffered from Mal nutrition and doctor suggested her to maintain his diet properly.