Can a Redtail shark live with goldfish?

Can a Redtail shark live with goldfish?

No, they cannot. Red-tailed black sharks will eventually harass your goldfish.

Can Sharks go with goldfish?

tropical fish cant live with goldfish. “sharks” are tropical fish and therefore need water that is at least 77 degrees. goldfish though, are coldwater fish. they are called so for a reason.

Can Red Tail Shark kill other fish?

In fact, redtails can chase other fish around until they become exhausted and malnourished. But it’s important to know that redtail sharks will rarely attack or bite other fish.

What kind of fish can I put in with a red tail shark?

Here are some possible Red Tail Shark tank mates:

  • Neon Tetra.
  • Bala Shark.
  • Honey Gourami.
  • Sparkling Gourami.
  • Congo Tetra.
  • Pearl Gourami.
  • Angelfish.
  • Dwarf Gourami.

Why do my red tail sharks keep dying?

Feeder Fish Nitrates are too high. scaleless fish are in particular sensitive to nitrates. Your current fish are use to the poor water quality. It is unlikley that it spiked that high over-night.

Why is my red tail shark chasing other fish?

The red-tailed-shark should not be kept with extremely docile or peaceful fish. The red tail shark is a territorial fish that will chase other fish away from their territory or become aggressive during feeding. The tanks should be decorated with several places for this fish to hide.

How long does it take for red tail sharks to grow?

Physiological Considerations

Maximum Size 4.5 inches
Rate of Growth Tails will turn red about 10 weeks after the eggs hatch
Life Span 5 8 years
Temperament Aggressive and territorial. Only keep one Red Tail Shark to a tank.
Preferred Tank Region Bottom

Can a red tail shark live in a 10 gallon tank?

If a red tailed shark is in a 10 gallon tank it’s growth rate will be extremely effected. It will still grow, but at a much, much slower rate than it would in a proper environment. If living in such a small area, the red tails will be in a constant state of stress and may become ill. Their life spans can be shortened.

How do you stop red tail sharks aggression?

Choose semi-aggressive fish to go in a community tank that contains a Red Tail Shark. Also, be prepared to provide plenty of hiding places for other fish to hide. Driftwood, artificial caves and plants will serve to break up the line of sight of the Red Tail Shark.

Do red tail sharks bite?

While the red tail sharks can be very aggressive to tank mates, it rarely bites or does any damage to the other fish. But it will chase some fish relentlessly, and prevent them from feeding.

Can Bala sharks and red tail sharks live together?

Bala Sharks are quite peaceful by nature, and you can keep them with other peaceful fishes. Also, Bala Sharks are said to be one of the best Red Tail Shark tank mates.

Can a red tail shark live alone?

It’s perfectly fine for a Red Tailed Shark to be by itself in its own aquarium. Since they grow up to 6″ long and are considered aggressive and territorial, they’re not the best community fish to have. As such, the minimum tank size for a Red Tailed shark is 30-40gal.

Can red tail sharks live with guppies?

Some of the so called freshwater sharks are related to catfish and capable of growing much too large for most home aquariums. Please research before you buy. I put my guppies in and they were eaten in 20 minutes! The sharks are only good with other semi aggressive fish there size !

Can red tail sharks live with corys?

In general red tail sharks are highly territorial and do not want to share the same tank feeding space (bottom) with other species. However this doesn’t mean you couldn’t have a red tail and a cory together.