Can a prelude be fast?

Can a prelude be fast?

But the old Prelude, despite its VTEC drama, is not as quick as it feels. At the test track, a 5000-rpm launch elicits a bit of wheelspin, and the Type SH will bolt to 60 mph in 7.0 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 15.5 seconds at 90 mph.

Is a Honda Prelude a good tuner car?

The Honda Prelude has long been a favorite amongst tuners for its reliable and sporty nature, good looks, and fun-factor.

Are Honda Preludes fun to drive?

sporty and fun to drive, my friends love it and are surprised with its performance. Just make sure you buy one that has had the timing belt and clutch replaced. dont get an sh they are more of a problem especially with that bulky ATTS. i love the car its clean quick makes me happy and pisses me off….

What year is the best Honda Prelude?

The Top Five Honda Prelude Models of All-Time

  • 1978 Honda Prelude. This was the very first generation of Preludes ever made, and even then, it had such a sleek and cool quality to it.
  • 1982 Honda Prelude.
  • 1990 Limited Edition Honda Prelude Si States.
  • 1994 Honda Prelude.
  • 1997 Honda Prelude Type S.

Are Honda Preludes Reliable?

Hondas have a reputation for reliability, and generally the Prelude is no exception. However, the automatic gearbox has caused some problems. Those fitted to the 2.2-litre engine suffered the most, with complete failures not uncommon.

What car replaced the Honda Prelude?

Accord Coupe

Is a Honda Prelude a good first car?

No, buying a Honda Prelude as a “first car” is a terrible idea for many reasons. First, any “issues” on a car so old are at this point unique to each car and how it’s been driven and treated (which at this point are likely “fast” and “poorly”, respectively). Second, there are safety issues.

Are there any RWD Hondas?

But has Honda made any RWD cars? Yes there Are RWD Hondas. While Hondas RWD selection is fairly slim, it features a couple of true “heavy hitters”, namely the Honda S2000 and the Honda NSX.

Is the Honda S2000 RWD?

It features a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout with power delivered by a 1,997 cc (122 cu in) inline four-cylinder DOHC-VTEC engine. The S2000 achieved what Honda claimed as the highest specific output of a normally aspirated production automobile engine in the world.

How many Honda S2000 are left?

Tap the Models tab above to view all HONDA S2000 model variants….MOST POPULAR HONDA S2000 MODEL.

S2000 5,499 (99.9%)
S2000 GT 2 (0.0%)
S2000 VTEC GT EDITION 100 1 (0.0%)