Can a person take over the world?

Can a person take over the world?

No, it is not possible that one person dominates even several parts of Science, let alone geographical and sociological parts of world.

Which country would take over the world?

If anyone’s going to take over the world, it’s going to be Japan, Germany, Russia or this. China is bigger than Japan and Germany, so China could easily take them out. Russia could prove a challenge, but China will adventualy win with it’s massive ground troops.

Can USA conquer the world?

Originally Answered: If the United States wanted to, could they take over the entire globe? Very unlikely. I mean, yes, we have enough nuclear weapons that we could obliterate every military force in the world in a matter of minutes (at the cost of making the planet uninhabitable).

Can any country beat the US in war?

Honest there is no country that could beat the United States in a straight up war. But it also depends on the victory scenario you want. if every country in the world attacked the United States at the same time, without nukes, we would win. No country can project forces the way the United States can.

What would be the hardest country to invade?

So here are the top 10 countries that are almost impossible to invade, in ascending order of their power and immunity to invasions:

  • 8 Australia.
  • 7 Switzerland.
  • 6 North Korea.
  • 5 United Kingdom.
  • 4 Canada.
  • 3 Japan.
  • 2 Russia.
  • 1 United States of America. Endless wars have taken place on the surface of the earth.

Has US ever been bombed?

Most Americans probably believe that continental United States has never been bombed. The answer is noAmerica has been bombed from the air, not once but twice. These little-publicized events took place in September 1942, and the attacker was an aircraft launched from a submarine of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN).

Has the US ever been invaded?

The country has been physically invaded a few times once during the War of 1812, once during the MexicanAmerican War, several times during the Mexican Border War, and once during World War II.

What if D Day was a failure?

“Had D-Day failed, it would have given a major boost to morale in Germany. The German people expected this to be the decisive battle, and if they could beat the Allies they might be able to win the war. I think Hitler would have withdrawn his core divisions from the West to fight on the Eastern Front.