Can a jeweler tell the difference between a diamond and Moissanite?

Can a jeweler tell the difference between a diamond and Moissanite?

The average person absolutely can’t tell the difference between comparable quality diamond and moissanite. However due to the extreme rare nature of Moissanite, most, if not all moissanite rings and jewellery on the market are made with lab-grown moissanite.

Is moissanite more expensive than diamond?

Moissanite’s fire is rated at 0.104, while the fire of a diamond is rated at 0.044. Moissanite is much less expensive than diamonds. Moissanite can be about $400 to $600 per carat while a one carat diamond can be anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000.

Does Moissanite increase in value?

Will Moissanite go up in value? Moissanite is not likely to increase in value, but neither is a typical diamond. Both generally resell at a substantial loss-especially if they’re resold soon after being purchased.

Why do people buy moissanite rings?

It’s cheaper and more sparkly than a diamond. Plus, it’s durable, looks just like a diamond, and you get all the same options regarding cut, set, and metal. This is why you should choose to buy moissanite for your engagement ring.

What’s wrong with Moissanite?

The trouble with moissanite is that the larger they get, the more pronounced the ‘rainbow effect’ they tend to exhibit. This refers to flashes of color that emanates from the stone when viewed under natural lighting and occurs due to moissanite’s high refractive index (2.65 as opposed to diamonds’ 2.42).

What is the downside to moissanite?

Because a moissanite is not a diamond, you may find that there are some jewelers who will not work on your piece if you want to reset the stone. A few may even refuse to make adjustments to the size of the ring or offer cleaning services because it isn’t a product that they typically offer.

Does Moissanite break easily?

Does Moissanite Break Easily? No. Moissanite is one of the toughest known gemstones which makes it perfect for an engagement ring, a piece of jewelry that is usually worn every day. Studies in high pressure research have shown that moissanite is highly resistant to breaking and chipping.

Where is the best place to buy a moissanite?

The Best Places to Buy Moissanite Engagment Rings Online

  • Charles and Colvard. When searching online for Moissanite engagement rings, one of the first results you will likely come across is Charles & Colvard.
  • MoissaniteCo. MoissaniteCo. is another online retailer who only sells Moissanite.

Can a diamond tester detect Moissanite?

A diamond tester will only test positive for diamond and moissanite. Synthetic moissanite has been used as a gemstone only since the 1990s, so if your piece is from an earlier era, it’s definitely a diamond if it passes this test!