At what age are you considered a senior golfer?

At what age are you considered a senior golfer?


How can a senior golfer get more distance?

Senior golfers typically can gain more distance by selecting a driver with a lighter shaft and head. You can also change your weight distribution by increasing the weight towards the grip end instead of the driver end. This will help improve the distance, accuracy and overall swing performance.

What color are the senior tees?

The Basics

Color Gender Title
Black Mens Champion
Blue Ladies Member
White Senior
Red Forward

Do pros use plastic tees?

Some modern golfers today prefer plastic tees. Plastic tees are more durable than wood. They last longer during an average day on the golf course.

Should I play from the blue or white tees?

White Tees: Man or woman with a middle to high handicap who can hit a solid 200+ yard drive, play from here. Blue Tees: Quite possibly tees used for club tournaments but regardless, this is a great challenging option if you’re interested in adding some extra yardage to your game.

Can you stand outside the tee box?

You can stand outside the teeing area as long as your ball is within the teeing area. Before you play, you are not allowed to move the tee-markers. If your opponent doesn’t cancel your stroke, you will continue to play with the ball you played from outside the teeing area (also without penalty).

Are there illegal golf tees?

According to the R&A and USGA rules of golf, for a tee to be legal, “It must not be longer than 4 inches (101.6 mm) and it must not be designed or manufactured in such a way that it could indicate the line of play or influence the movement of the ball.”

Can you move your golf ball out of a divot?

Answer: No, you cannot move a golf ball out of a divot hole even when that divot is in the fairway at least, not without penalty. (You can declare the ball unplayable, assess yourself a 1-stroke penalty, and drop.) This is probably one of the more disliked rules in the game by golfers of all skill levels.

Can I use a tee on the fairway?

You can use a tee not to exceed 6 inches anywhere on the fairway or rough. This rule gives you a better chance of striking the ball without dribbling the ball a few yards away.

Do pros tee up irons?

When hitting irons from a tee box, pros do not tee the ball up high like a driver teed ball. They generally swing irons the same way from the tee as they do from fairway grass: down into the ball.