Are apple seeds good for guinea pigs?

Are apple seeds good for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat all varieties of fresh apples. They simply might not like to eat sour tasting apples. Additionally, don’t feed apple seeds to your guinea pigs. Apple seeds contain cyanide which are toxic substances and your pets may also choke on the seeds.

Are apple seeds poisonous to guinea pigs?

Apple seeds are poisonous for your guinea pig; they contain a small amount of cyanide that doesn’t pose any danger to humans. However, guinea pigs are small animals and a few seeds can make them sick.

How much Apple can I give my guinea pig?

Never give an entire apple to a guinea pig. In order to keep it safe give your guinea pig only half a cup of apples per one serving.

How many apple seeds will kill a guinea pig?

You can indeed feed your guinea pig apple cores, with one stipulation. The seeds must be removed every single one. This is because apple seeds, stored in the core, are poisonous. They contain a toxic compound called cyanide.

Can guinea pigs drink out of a bowl?

Yes, guinea pigs can drink from a bowl. This is especially true if a guinea pig is used to drinking from a bowl since their early years. However, if a guinea pig is used to drinking from a water bottle, most likely it will be difficult for them to switch to a bowl later on.

Why does my guinea pig run around the cage?

When your guinea pig runs around in his cage, he may be doing no more than simply getting a little exercise. If his enclosure is roomy enough, the lively sprinting could mean he’s stretching out his legs and releasing some of his extra energy.

Do guinea pigs poop in one area?

When your guinea pigs are potty trained, there is no need to do it because their poop is contained in one area—the same place the bedding is. I have also written detailed instructions on how to properly clean your guinea pigs’ cage.

Do and don’ts with guinea pigs?

Never give your cavy chocolate, caffeine, junk food, or anything that is high in fat and sugar. Other dangerous foods include garlic, chives, onions, avocados, and the leaves of tomato and potato plants. You’ll also want to avoid giving your pet anything you haven’t researched, or plants that you can’t identify.