Are any of the Harry Potter characters based on real people?

Are any of the Harry Potter characters based on real people?

Fun fact: even Harry Potter was based on a real life person! In fact, he shares his last name with Ian Potter, the inspiration for Harry Potter. Ian was a childhood friend and neighbour of Rowling (who was also particularly mischievous).

Which character is based on JK Rowling?


How is Rowling personality in real life similar to that of Harry Potter?

Rowling has admitted that her younger self and Hermoine have a lot in common — both are obsessed with books, studious, and driven. I’m sure teenage Rowling was just as sassy, too.

Who is Mary Macdonald Harry Potter?

Loyalty. Mary Macdonald was a British witch of unknown parentage.

Who was Hagrid inspired by?

Hagrid is based on a real-life biker who J.K. Rowling met. She told actor Robbie Coltrane the character was inspired by a ‘Hell’s Angel from the West Country’, who was huge and terrifying but loved talking about gardening. The wand chooses the wizard, and Hagrid’s oak wand definitely chose him for the right reason.

Which magical object did Egbert the egregious once possess?

‘ Egbert the Egregious was said to have slaughtered Emeric the Evil to win ownership. Over a century later, Godelot, who had the wand in his possession while writing Magick Moste Evile, perished after being locked in the cellar by his own son Hereward.

Did Dumbledore know he had the elder wand?

Just like Grindelwald lost to Dumbledore. Understand that it is a very small group of wizards and witches that believe that the three Hallows are real. Not even James knew he was holding one of the legendary Hallows. Dumbledore never told anyone that he possessed the Elder Wand.

Who killed Grindelwald?

Lord Voldemort

Who’s stronger Grindelwald or Voldemort?

After Grindelwald was arrested and thrown into a jail cell, he became susceptible to Voldemort, who was desperate to find the Elder Wand. However, Grindelwald was able to resist Voldemort — who is considered the most powerful Legilimens of all time.

Who was the strongest wizard in Harry Potter?

1. Albus Dumbledore. The seemingly infinite wisdom and kindness of Dumbledore contrasts with his almost unbelievable dueling abilities. Dumbledore is simply the strongest wizard in the series.