Are all fuel caps the same?

Are all fuel caps the same?

Yes they are, all cars and SUV’s have a universal gas tank cap size. Just because all gas caps fit every car, does not mean that the car’s sensors will work with every gas cap.

Is it illegal to drive without a fuel cap?

Fuel systems have a flapper valve that stops gas from flowing back out from the tank. While driving a car without a gas cap is not dangerous, it is not recommended. Over time driving without your fuel cap could cause a decrease in fuel efficiency, damage to your engine and harm the environment.

What is a vented anti surge gas cap?

The vented gas cap is designed to vent small amounts of air into the car gas tank line. The valve is set to balance the pressure with the surrounding atmosphere. Air is allowed in, but no fumes are allowed out of the gas cap, because of environmental concerns.

What is a tethered fuel cap?

Tethered Fuel Cap; Replacement OE fuel cap to replace lost or worn fuel cap. Made of durable material for a long lasting life. Unlike other aftermarket fuel caps, Stant fuel caps include all of the safety features found on the original equipment cap. You can count on Stant for Best to Market!

Are Stant gas caps good?

Overall, the Stant gas cap is great, it turned off the warning lights/messages, and has turned out to be a quality replacement.

What is a pre release gas cap?

What is a “pre-release” or Pre-Vent fuel cap? These caps are designed to allow the controlled release of any pressure that may have built up in the fuel tank, so the tank is de-pressurized before the sealing gasket is lifted from the filler neck.

What is a keyed alike gas cap?

Fuel caps made of sturdy, long-life materials which have all original equipment features & key-operated lock to protect the vehicle from fuel theft & vandalism. Keyed alike version for small fleets or consumers w/ more than one vehicle.

Are locking gas cap keys universal?

Many stores keep a ring of gas cap keys on hand, just for this problem. Gas caps are often keyed alike, so a key from a different lock may work. They will also be happy to sell you a new cap.

How do you measure a gas cap?

1) Measure the diameter just before the beginning of the thread. That should give you the minor diameter needed. 2) Measure The pitch as close as you can. 3) Measure the height of the thread by measuring from inside to top of thread.