Are all Dana 35 the same?

Are all Dana 35 the same?

OK, for the most part all of the parts on the Dana 35C series are interchangeable to some extent. At times you may have to swap out several parts to make one part swap over. The first Dana 35C’s (1984-1990) were your basic setup, 1.13″ shafts with 27 splines. Brakes were 10×1.

What vehicles use a Dana 35?

The most common Dana 35 applications are as a rear axle in the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Comanche and as a front axle in the Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger. It is “reliable in day-to-day street use, but notoriously the opposite when worked hard.”

Can you upgrade a Dana 35?

There are two options when upgrading the 35 shafts. Superior Axle & Gear offers its Super 35 kit and Warn has a full-float kit. The Super 35 kit is available for both C-clip and non-C-clip axles. The kit replaces the smallish shafts with 1.31-inch 30-spline pieces that are over 35 percent stronger than stock.

Is it worth it to build a Dana 35?

Make no mistake, a built Dana 35 is a strong and capable axle. Obviously not as strong as a build Dana 44 (or similar), but if you’re not going to be running anything larger than 33″ tires, a built Dana 35 should suit you just fine.

Is a 14-bolt A 1 ton axle?

The 14-Bolt Is The Ford 9-Inch Of 1-Ton Trucks Every diesel-powered pickup sold in the United States for the last 10 years has a full-floating rear axle.

How long is a Dana 60?


How much does a Dana 70 weigh?

Dana Axles
Model Weight
Dana 60 Front 305lbs
Dana 70 270lbs
Dana 70HD 280lbs

Is a Dana 70 good?

The Dana 70 is generally regarded to have more strength than a Dana 60 but not as much as a Dana 80. Gross axle weight ratings are often lowered by the vehicle manufacturer for safety and tire reasons. Dana 70 front axles are uncommon, due to attributes that the Dana 60 front axle can match.