Are all Dana 35 axles the same?

Are all Dana 35 axles the same?

Hmm, no one else is around I guess. OK, for the most part all of the parts on the Dana 35C series are interchangeable to some extent. At times you may have to swap out several parts to make one part swap over. The first Dana 35C’s (1984-1990) were your basic setup, 1.13″ shafts with 27 splines.

What is the difference between a Dana 30 and Dana 35?

a Dana 30 is a front axle. A Dana 35 is a rear axle (unless you are talking about Ford axles, which you aren’t). The parts are not interchangeable.

What is the difference between Dana 35 and 44?

The ring gear on the Dana 35 measures 7.62 inches compared to the 8.5-inch ring gear on the Dana 44. The Dana 35 axle shafts have 27 splines and a 1.18-inch diameter. The Dana 44 axle shafts have 30 splines and a 1.31-inch diameter. It may not sound like a big difference, but it’s actually a pretty big.

What is the best Jeep axle?

Our Favorite Jeep Axle Swaps

  • Rockwell 2.5-ton Front/Rear. Found in: Military M35A2 2.5-ton 6×6 trucks.
  • Full-Size Dana 44 (GM/Dodge)
  • FSJ Dana 44.
  • GM 14-bolt Rear.
  • 30-spline CJ Dana 44 rear.
  • High-Pinion Dana 30.
  • Disc-Brake CJ Dana 30.
  • 31-spline Ford 8.8.

How heavy is a Dana 35?

Dana Axles
Model Weight
Dana 35 (Jeep) 127lbs
Dana 44 Front (full sized) 158lbs
Dana 44 Rear (full sized) 140lbs

Is Dana 30 or 35 stronger?

They are stronger than the JK. Improvements were made to all variations 30/35/44. That being said though, with any of the variations, the larger the tires, the toughness of your off road adventures will determine your outcome.

What is a Super 35 kit?

The Super 35 kit is available for both C-clip and non-C-clip axles. The kit replaces the smallish shafts with 1.31-inch 30-spline pieces that are over 35 percent stronger than stock. These are the same size as the shafts found in many Dana 44s and even some Dana 60s!