Are all atoms of the same element exactly the same?

Are all atoms of the same element exactly the same?

No. Two atoms of the same chemical element are typically not identical. First of all, there is a range of possible states that the electrons of an atom can occupy. Two atoms of the same element can be different if their electrons are in different states.

What is false about atoms?

Atoms are living matter. False, atoms are non living matter.

Which of the following statement is false about an atom?

Complete step by step answer: Atoms can not exist independently. This is because atoms accept electrons or donate electrons to form stable octet fulfilled electronic configurations and this is only possible by formation of molecules. So atoms cannot exist along.

Do all atoms have the same number of protons True or false?

The number of protons in an atom is called its atomic number (Z). All atoms of an element have the same number of protons, and every element has a different number of protons in its atoms.

Which atom has the largest number of neutrons?

The atom with the largest number of neutrons is a tie between livermorium and tennessine. Each of these atoms contain 177 neutrons.

Which atom has the smallest number of neutrons?


Which atom has the largest number of protons?

The heaviest element in nature is uranium, which has 92 protons.

Which atom has the largest nucleus?

The largest known completely stable nucleus (i.e. stable to alpha, beta, and gamma decay) is lead-208 which contains a total of 208 nucleons (126 neutrons and 82 protons). Nuclei larger than this maximum are unstable and tend to be increasingly short-lived with larger numbers of nucleons.

What is the biggest atom in the universe?

What Marinov of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his colleagues claim to have discovered is a monstrous atom with by far the heaviest nucleus ever seen, packing a whopping 122 protons and 170 neutrons. Crucially, the team had not synthesised it in the lab, but found it in nature, in a sample of purified thorium.

Which atom has the most mass?


Which element is hardest?


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