Are afraid of being evaluated in some negative way by others?

Are afraid of being evaluated in some negative way by others?

The answer is a social phobia in which people who have a social phobia are frightened of being evaluated in some negative way by others, so they have a tendency to avoid situations that can be embarrassing.

What helps fish swim in water?

Fish swim by flexing their bodies and tail back and forth. Fish stretch or expand their muscles on one side of their body, while relaxing the muscles on the other side. This motion moves them forward through the water. Fish use their back fin, called the caudal fin, to help push them through the water.

What special adaptations can be seen in planktons?

d) Dolphins floaters (special structures in the digestive canals) to enable them to inhabit certain levels in the water. e) Planktons droplets of oil in the cells to keep them afloat.

How is a fish adapted to live in water class 6?

The streamlined body shape helps the fish to move through the water easily (because such a shape offers least resistance to motion). (2) The fish has special organs called “gills” which-help it to absorb oxygen-dissolved in water for breathing. A fish can live in water only because it is adapted to breathe in water.

Could a fish drown explain?

Fish are physically incapable of drowning because they have gills, not lungs. They can die if there’s not enough dissolved oxygen in the water which would make them suffocate, technically. If fish are taken out of water then they’ll die, but not due submersion or inhalation of water, so they’re not drowning.

What are the adaptive features of a fish that helps it to live in water?

Answer. the four adaptive features of fish is as follows- they contain gills to breathe in water without any problem, they have a streamed line body which helps them to swim freely in water, they are cold blooded which helps them to survive in the cold water, they have several fins which help them to swim.

How is a fish able to live safely in water?

Answer. Fish have adapted to their environment through the evolution of gills, swim bladders and fins. Gills allow fish to absorb oxygen from the water, swim bladders allow fish to maintain an appropriate level of buoyancy and fins allow the fish to move through the water.

What body parts do fish have that people lack?

What body parts do fish have that people lack? (Gills, fins, body slime, scales, lateral line, cold blood.)

What a fish needs to survive?

Like other living creatures, fish must meet certain basic needs for survival. Water, food and shelter are among the most important requirements: Water: Fish not only live in water, but they get oxygen from water. They breathe by taking water into their mouths and forcing it out through gill passages.

What changes over time would be needed for fish to live out of the water?

A fish’s tail fin is called the caudal fin, and is like a fish’s hips and legs. While fish in water mainly use pectoral fins for side-to-side or up-and-down movement and move forward using the caudal fin, this changes for fish out of water.

Did bones or lungs evolve first?

Darwin believed that lungs evolved from gas bladders, but the fact that fish with lungs are the oldest type of bony fish, plus molecular and developmental evidence, points to the reverse that lungs evolved before swim bladders.

What is the reason that fish do not live on Earth?

Gills extract oxygen from water and send it into the fish’s blood stream. For this reason, most fish, and other aquatic animals that get oxygen from water, can’t survive on land very long.