Are 2 hour driving lessons better?

Are 2 hour driving lessons better?

Continuity of driving lessons is really important. The more often you’re behind the wheel the better. Between 2 and 4 hours of private lessons per week is recommended. You’re also likely to progress more quickly if you have two-hour lessons each time.

Is intensive driving course worth it?

If you need your driving licence suddenly for employment, or for any other urgent reason then an intensive course may be a good option. In some cases, going intensive could be more cost effective, as you’re paying for a set number of lessons with a definite test date at the end of it.

What are the 12 EDT lessons?

Here’s the breakdown of the 12 EDT Driving lesson syllabus

  • EDT Lesson 1: Car controls and safety checks.
  • EDT Lesson 2: Correct positioning.
  • EDT Lesson 3: Changing Direction.
  • EDT Lesson 4: Progression Management.
  • EDT Lesson 5: Correct positioning (more complex situations)
  • EDT Lesson 6: anticipation and reaction.

What do you do in first driving lesson?

What do you do on your first driving lesson?

  1. Doors check all doors are closed and secured before starting your engine.
  2. Seat and steering adjust your seating so that the controls are within easy reach and you have a clear view of the road.
  3. Seatbelt make sure you and your passengers are buckled in.

How long do EDT lessons last?

How long does EDT take to complete? EDT for learner drivers is a 12 hour course broken into 12 different one hour sessions. It is recommended that you allow two weeks between each session so that you can take any further driving lessons needed and do the required reading and necessary practice.

How many driving lessons do you need before your test?

12 lessons

Can I pass my driving test without lessons?

You may be surprised to learn that it is possible to take your driving test without any prior lessons. According to the official DVSA website, there is currently no minimum number of lessons you must have in order to take the test. In short, yes, you can take your driving test without lessons.

What are the requirements for your car when doing a driving test?


  • Mechanical condition. Is the car you’ll be using for the test mechanically sound?
  • Wiper blades. Renew if worn.
  • Brake and indicator lights. Check the indicator lenses are clean and unbroken.
  • ‘L’ plates.
  • Petrol.
  • Fluids: oil, coolant, brake, power-steering.
  • Check tyre pressure.
  • Windscreen washer.

Can I use my instructors car for my test?

Whilst lots of people decide to use their driving instructor’s car on their test, there is nothing stopping you from using your own car to take your driving test.

Do you need a Licence for an electric car?

Driving electric cars no licence required.