An idea about the Capitalism of the Information

Before I forget, and it is not that very good or certainly very original (I have to look to who already happened), but it may be useful to develop it later.

The contradiction between the rationality of knowledge-that requires advertising and free access to information and the instrumental rationality -which requires property to be able to get benefits it is the contradiction of capitalism of the information. This requires ownership of the information, but it goes against the reproduction of the basic resource is information; but if it secures the access to the information then the appropriation goes into problems, and this is manifested in discussions on copyrights or patents -think of the recent court decisions on patents for genes.

Now, let us consider that the State has fulfilled historically the function of resolve pragmatically the basic contradictions. In the end, we can think that the Welfare State (education, health, housing etc) is a way in that ensures the production of a workforce that is more productive and in a better situation, that in industrial capitalism represents a central resource. Then, the emergence and development of public information produced/financed from the State for subsequent appropriation by particular individuals may well be the equivalent.

And to another post the possible consequences of the idea. In the end, the issue just happened to me in the taxi.