accommodation of the immigrants. The Sonacotra 1956-2006

You can stay immigrants. The Sonacotra 1956-2006, a work by Marc Bernardot (Editions du Croquant, coll. “Terra “, 2008)

In the years 50, the conjunction of several phenomena creates a situation of concentration of the labor migrant from Algeria for a large part, in and around the city of metropolis. The housing conditions of the workers of algerians in the metropolis, for the most part young and single, were so bad. A report of the economic and social Council in 1956, deals with the problem of the accommodation of these workers, by insisting on the necessary improvement of the hygiene in the housing, and seeks to combat homelessness working. The creation of the Sonacotral, mixed-economy company for the purpose of financing, construction, development of residential accommodation for French muslims from Algeria who came to work in the mainland and their families, had the objective at the time of its foundation to provide decent housing, and equipped for this particular category of French people, but also to ensure public order. The mission qualitatively quite blurry, oscillates between emergency, decolonisation, immigration of workers and the long-term goal of urban development. The whole process of creation of the Sonacotral is done under the aegis of the ministry of the Interior. It is a question of providing the workers from Algeria housing conditions similar to those of workers in the metropolitan area. The form of accommodation selected is that of home-hotel, the accommodation is of type F5 or F6, which is supposed to be adapted to the housing of single people, with rooms separated by partitions. The accountability of the occupants, goes through the payment of a rent, of the managers are recruited from among former officials and former officers and sub-officers who made their careers in North Africa, familiar with the language and the lifestyle of a muslim.

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