CITIES is a platform which connects and inspires urban users, empowers and supports urban communities to drive innovation in city life, policy and practice.

By having a curious eye on urban trends and phenomena, CITIES is able to identify project themes which are both interesting and relevant. The first step when departing on a new project is to conduct research on a global scale to collect insights from active citizens and urban users from all over the world. CITIES then communicates the knowledge collected via inspirational and accessible means (such as magazines, documentaries, exhibitions, lectures, events and workshops). The final step of CITIES’ work is the development and support of innovative projects related to realizing local potential, aiming to support neighborhood and municipal economies, up-scaling and closing urban loops.

CITIES The Magazine is primarily made to bring authorship about urban development issues back to its protagonists: the citizens. Each issue of the magazine is available on our iPad app at regular intervals direct to Apple Newsstand.

Currently it is only available as an iPad app and can be found at the Apple’s app store. In the future we hope to release versions which include support for desktops, iphones, Android and Blackberry. Please continue to bear with us while we develop versions for these platforms.

As always CITIES aims to provide you with a high quality experience when you use our products. If you are experiencing any technical problems during the apps use please contact us and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.