A note on the separation of policy of the country

With regard to the death of R. of Course, I remembered -in fact, it was the topic at the meeting, which was on that day the most famous use of a Kyoto that has memory.

Now, the theme of this Kyoto were two candidates -Piñera and Matthei. I don’t know if we were already in the government, or were the times of his candidacy, Frei. All of them candidates or pre-candidates at present.

In other words, we are in regards to the policy as 15 years ago. But if something is clear is that the country is not in the situation of 15 years ago. I imagine that as an illustration of the separation between politics and country the story has its utility.

What more, you could also argue that we have a big difference: now the candidate of the right has the best opportunities for exit. But taking into account the results of the election of aldermen, I would say that the situation is rather the produces the problems of the candidates of the Conclusion that the benefits of Piñera. In other words, the Conclusion does not have a candidate that brings all of your vote.