4th Edition Seminar Experiences Research

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Seminar of Young Researchers

4ª Edición Seminario Experiencias de Investigación


You must escape to the alternative of the outside and the inside; it must be in the borders. […] It is, in sum, to transform the critique exerted in the form of the limitation is necessary, in a practical critique that takes the form of a transgression is possible.

Michel Foucault


This 2013 the Seminar Experiences Research will focus on investigations developed on the periphery of the academic or beyond its borders. It is part of the learning accumulated in the editions of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This year, immersed in a deep social crisis derived from the policy response to the bursting financial, the organizers consider that it is necessary to focus the gaze in other places, non-hegemonic development of social science research. This formulation seems to make sense in a time of direct attack on the public university on the part of regional governments and state. These attacks, accompanied by a management interested, irresponsible, and subject to diminished internal dynamics, cancelled summarily the character of “public ” of all and for all” of academic research.

For all this, we look to those experiences that entail “other ways” to do, questioning your own existence, the research model has been dominant and logical neo-liberal that is trying to impose on the university level. These other forms do contain a critical transverse to said model, and proposing other logics possible in a complicated balance between a strong desire for research and a context of increasing precariousness. Since the forms of funding, to the models of authorship and recognition, setting their own interests and research goals, adapting methodologies and practices, and inventing ways of production and dissemination of knowledge. Therefore, this seminar will focus, once more, in the process rather than the results of the research activity, encouraging the people invited to from their own experiences to deal with these issues.

Over seven sessions, we will work on topics related to feminist economics, participatory methodologies, architecture, militant research, or the production and distribution of knowledge, with the participation of Amaia Orozco, Concha Lorenzana (ANTIGONE Participatory Processes), a review Committee of Sun 15M, Brigades of Observation of Human Rights, Rana Hassan, Journal Crossroads, Editorial Traficantes de Sueños.



Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, UCM, Campus of Somosaguas (Bus (I, H, B, A and Metro ligero). Classroom S53.


from march to June of 2013. Thursday alternate, from 18:30 to 20:30.


attendance is free, but we recommend that you write to us to be on the distribution list to receive reminders and materials of the sessions, and to qualify for the certificate of attendance.

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Calendar of Sessions

March 7,

Paths, mazes, and vicious circles: an experience from feminist economics

Amaia Orozco

Lives livable and production impossible (2012)


Feminism, anti-capitalist, That Scandalous Thing, and other palabros (2010)


Crossing borders II: migration and development from a gender perspective,” (with Denise Paiewonsky and Mar García, un-INSTRAW, 2008)


Feminist perspectives about the Economy: The Case of Care (THESIS, 2006)


Care of globalized (Precarias a la Deriva, 2004)


Interview to A. Orozco in Diagonal:


Blog “Lives Poor”:



March 21,

Democracy in action. A view from the participatory methodologies

Concha Lorenzana (Antigone Participatory Processes)

E. Ganuza, L. Olivari, Paul Cloth, Light Buitrago, Conception Lorenzana, democracy in action. A view from the participatory methodologies, Atígona, participatory processes.

All the information about the participatory workshop Moves The Audience in the blog:


You can also view the videos of the workshop on Bambuser:


Also share the interesting research initiative of two colleagues around the game:



April 4,

Militancy researcher against the raids racist

Brigades, Neighborhood-based Human Rights monitoring

Report 2010/2011:


Report 2011/2012:



April 18

Two experiences of publication, production and distribution of knowledge

Traficantes de Sueños publishing and Magazine Crossroads

Estalella Fernández, Adolfo. 2013. “For a Science in the Draft” (Editorial), Teknokultura, vol 10, no. 1, pp. 15-20:


Greene, Ricardo and Diego Campos. 2012. “On the evaluation of the academic production” (Editorial) Bifurcations, no. 11:

Sobre la evaluación de la producción académica

Mateos, Shell. 2013. “The intelligence of destroying the public in science”. In Collective Novecento:



May 9

Research activist: is too radical for the academic world? (Research-action in a palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon)

Rana Hassan



Documentary about the history of Nahr el-Bared camp:

Blog with news about Nahr el-Bared (Arabic and English)



May 23

How to put research at the service of the assemblies?

Analysis Sun 15M

Blog Analysis:


Projects carried out:

¿Qué hemos hecho?

Projects in progress:

¿Qué estamos haciendo?

Media analysis of the 11th and 12th of may, on the occasion of the #MayoGlobal2013:

Análisis de Medios 11 de mayo



June 6

AbusosPatronales.is: a commitment to making visible the abuse the workers

Enrique Martín Criado (AbusosPatronales.is)

How it works abusospatronales.it is

Stories of cases of abuse of the patron gathered by abusospatronales.it is

Reports and analysis made by abusospatronales.is. Among them:

  • E. Martín Criado: “financial Terrorism and degradation of the work“
  • E. Martín Criado : “Open discussions that scary“.

More about Henry Martin Raised in his profile Academia.edu.



4ª Edición Seminario Experiencias de Investigación

Master’s degree in socio-Cultural Analysis of Communication and Knowledge

Department of Sociology V (Sociological Theory), University Complutense of Madrid


Sara Lafuente Funes

Carlos López Carrasco

Christian Orgaz Alonso

Javier Rujas Martínez-Novillo


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