WASTED Annual Report 2017

In 2017, WASTED evolved towards the expert level thanks to its network of supporters, members, business and friends. The first WASTED Annual Report was written up in time for the end of year party, where key insights about the project were shared along with hopes and ambitions for 2018.

WASTED has been conducting research and consulting with key stakeholders such as the Noord community, municipality, and thrift shops to develop a effective and equitable bulky waste management strategy
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Floor is WASTED's contact point within the municipality. Earlier this month we interviewed Floor in order to learn a bit about how she views WASTED and our role within the Noord community as waste managers.
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Read about the exciting range of work, intern and other opportunities we have opening up!
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WASTED recently ran a user journey workshop to gauge participants experience with the WASTED system.
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Flying over Amsterdam's Metabolism
WASTED is an initiative rooted in Amsterdam, which introduces a sustainable solution to a growing, global concern: the destructive impact of waste on our economies, environment, and society. Zooming out from the global urban metabolism debate, WASTED can be seen as a link within an upcoming circular city system.
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Meet Ashir, one of our best and brightest driver at FOODLOGICA!
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The WASTED team has set its sights on bulk waste in collaboration with the Start Up in Residence (SIRA) program of the Municipality of Amsterdam.
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    This is great opportunity for students or people interested in sustainability and environmentally related subjects
    Application deadline
    31 March 2018
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    Nienke Hoogvliet
    WASTED challenges you to immerse into plastic, paper, glass and textiles waste and start looking at your ‘trash’ with an innovative look
    CITIES Foundation not only accelerates environmentally conscious behaviour and sustainable consumption, it essentially offers effective solutions for social inclusion
    A community initiative to foster collaborative waste separation

    Border Session with creative pioneers on the development of the road-map towards a New Economy.
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    72U image
    72andSunny's creative residency 72U brought together WASTED and De Ceuvel to discuss a question hot on all of our tongues: How can we make sustainable living more accessible and relevant for all?
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    Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 4.39.20 PM
    Emerging city makers are weaving their webs throughout cities, yet each is catching many challenges. The EU Commission’s first-ever Lab Connections brings these players together in Brussels to begin shaping solutions.
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    Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 4.30.38 PM
    Het Hof van Cartesius is designed to bridge entrepreneurs with large companies. October 8th, we joined a sneak peek event showing the potential of their outdoor workspace in Utrecht.
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    What is the relationship between aging populations and cities? How can we advance more innovative, age-inclusive cities as we face rapid demographic transitions? These questions form the foundation of CITIES’ research agenda.
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    Research into urban waste management
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    Branding sustainable cities

    Research into branding of eco-cities and their implementation
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    Polycentric cities

    Research into cities that have multiple centres of activity
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    The Wasted City | Approaches to Circular City Making

    Take Part in a Journey towards the Future of Circular City Making
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    Urban explorations


    Aging Populations Research Series, 9: Aging architecture and borrowing space & time
    Featured Article
    What can architects do in response to aging issues? How can we think beyond physical solutions and use the existing city more effectively towards population aging? This instalment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.
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    Aging Populations Research Series, 8: 10 tips to ‘New Aging’
    Featured Article
    Three weeks ago, architect Matthias Hollwich released his book ‘New Aging’. Being more or less a self-help guide to aging, the book provides tips for successful aging. What are the most useful lessons, and what tips are rather ridiculous? This installment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.
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    Aging Populations Research Series, 7: On paradigms and making big changes
    Featured Article
    To what extent are aging issues embedded in the paradigms through which we plan, build, and develop cities and communities? How can we achieve large-scale changes through more local, targeted actions? This instalment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.
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    Aging Populations Research Series, 6: Aging in place
    Featured Article
    Why do older adults want to ‘age in place’? And how can we facilitate it? This installment forms part of our research journey into the relationship between aging populations and cities.
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