We Own The City World Tour!

CITIES will be on the move in the coming weeks! Going to Lecce (Italy), NYC, Hong Kong and Taipei, we will be working to bring conceptual urban ownership into local projects, continually pushing for new urban development standards in the name of We Own The City.

CITIES will be on the move in the coming weeks! Going to Lecce (Italy), NYC, Hong Kong and Taipei, we will be working to bring conceptual urban ownership into local projects, continually pushing for new urban development standards in the name of We Own The City.
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DAMn WeOwn tri-image
The publication We Own The City launched late May 2014. Here you can read reviews of the book. This page will be updated as reviews continue to come in.
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On the theme of We Own The City: Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning, CITIES hosted a Global Urban Blogger Competition to catalyze the discourse through stories from more cities. One urban explorer won €200, our new book and a spot on Skype at the book launch. Read more here.
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Blog comp madrid entry
How are top-down actors enabling bottom-up, people-driven initiatives in YOUR city? We posed this question to urban bloggers around the world. Read their stories from Lagos, Brussels, Port au Prince, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Madrid, Toronto, Vienna and Rennes here.
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Calling all urban bloggers! Join the global discussion – let’s break down boundaries of conventional urban development practices and push for inclusive people-driven progress! We want more voices on the theme of We Own The City. The winner will receive 200 Euros, a fresh copy of our new book, and a spotlight mention at our book launch, May 27th in Amsterdam.
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Nourish the body and mind – tantalizing your taste buds and learning about Amsterdam’s food history in an exploration of the beautiful city center today. Late April, we kick-off the 2014 Old Amsterdam Food Tour! Tours start the 23rd and 30th in both Dutch and English. Find out more!
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We Own the City the publication is kicking off with a grand book launch in Amsterdam May 27th at Pakhuis de Zwijger, before launches in Hong Kong, New York City, Moscow and Taipei. Details and program for Amsterdam's launch here!
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    Emerging Centers

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    CITIES the magazine is looking for Urban Reporters
    Deadline for submissions
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    Join us in advancing FOODLOGICA, a business driven by quality, local food, electric bikes and sustainable urban ideals
    Application deadline
    12 September 2014
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    A laboratory to engage local community in plastic reprocessing, up-cycling and product development for long-term neighborhood vitality.
    weownthe city
    A global project aiming to re-institutionalize urban development in a more collaborative, innovative and effective fashion. We Own The City the publication launched 27 May 2014, featuring research in New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Taipei, and interviews with architects such as OMA, MVRDV, NEXT Architects and UN Studio.
    OAFT-map-digital2enhacned final
    Exploring historic food trails, tastes and traditions that past with present in Amsterdam's historic center.

    Fall 2014, We Own The City World Tour lands in Taipei, sparking engaging discussion replete with local stories, bottom-up and top-down practices and everything in between.
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    NYC we own the city launch books
    September 29 2014, We Own The City launched in NYC, kick starting a dialogue better enabling citizens and city makers to practice inclusive, community-based urban development.
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    Lecce ArtLab 4
    As Lecce, Italy competes to be Capital of Culture 2019, CITIES presents in Lecce at ArtLab 2014, together with Pakhuis de Zwijger’s Egbert Fransen, to share and advise a new vision of contemporary ‘cultural management’.
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    wotc zef hemel
    An international crowd on stage, via Skype and in the audience joined together at CITIES book launch 27 May 2014 at Pakhuis de Zwijger to discuss We Own The City: Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning
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    Research into urban waste management
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    Branding sustainable cities

    Research into branding of eco-cities and their implementation
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    Polycentric cities

    Research into cities that have multiple centres of activity
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    Urban agriculture

    Research into urban agriculture projects and farming within cities ( )
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    We Own The City has expanded into a global project working directly with diverse citizen initiatives in five major cities to collectively produce CITIES’ upcoming book: "We Own The City: Enabling Community Practices in Architecture and Planning"
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    Urban explorations


    The Mira exterior
    Hotel Spotlight: The Mira Hong Kong Speaks on Urban Contemporary Sustainability
    Featured Article
    How are hotels shaping environmental and social sustainability in cities? Here, we take an inside look, presenting an interview with The Mira Hong Kong, the city’s leading member of Design Hotels™, in thanks for their support of We Own The City book launch Hong Kong.
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    Florie Salnot featured artist
    Florie Salnot: Empowerment Through Design
    Featured Artist
    Designer and researcher Florie Salnot integrates empathetic research, inclusive design and waste reuse to co-create solutions that empower women and better people’s lives.
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    NEWASTE: Innovators Who Don’t Re-Cycle, They PRE-Cycle
    Featured Artist
    Newaste overcomes energy expenditure and material degradation caught up in re-cycling processes by putting potentially wasted materials to good, sustained use. They call it PRE-cycling. Click to learn more here.
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    De Ceuvel cafe 3
    Modern-day Noah’s arks clean up polluted boatyard De Ceuvel
    Featured Article
    A unique sustinable urban development site, De Ceuvel boatyard has turned 'from a polluted brownfield to a cleantech playground'. In this article, journalist/blogger Nicola Chadwick offers an inside look at the history, happenings and tastes of the progressive development and operation of Café De Ceuvel.
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